The production process of our woven products and inflatables consists of various stages, from the discarded material being converted into raw material to its transformation into a functional object ready to fulfill its new purpose.

We get all our material from people here in Rarotonga who care about our environment and are trying to reduce the waste to go to the landfill.

How does it work


There is not a typical design style as the bags usually grow while i make them... if i make a bag which i have made before .. i do have a pattern i use... otherwise i collect the pieces i need and then count how many i need...





Once the materials arrive at our workshop, the first step is selection. When you work with discarded materials, some of them arrive dirty and wrinkled. We separate the parts that can be salvaged from those that can no longer be used.


the plastic is cut open very carefully to avoid tears.


using a template we cut the


plastic in pieces.

wecut the plastic with a tepmlate into pieces.

Folding & Weaving

we fold every piece and then they are woven together



all rows are hand sewn together