Frequently Asked Question


How is the shipping calculated?

Your order is calculated by weight. We tried to be as accurate as possible but there is a possibility that the shipping cost might vary a bit.

Is my order insured and tracked?

Yes ! All our products are send by the Cook Island postal service and are tracked and insured.

General Questions

Why is the currency in NZ Dollars and not US Dollars?

The currency is NZ dollars as currently we don't have a payment provider here in Rarotonga. Please get in touch and we will provide you with our bank details so you can deposit directly into our account.

What makes our bags different to other bags?

All our Handbags are unique and no one else will have the same handbag. Here in the Cooks we can't recycle PVC made Pooltoys or our Food plastic wrapping like chips bags etc. This means that all this would end on the landfill. We reuse this unwanted "plastic" and transform them into beautiful pieces of art.

Is my bag waterprof?

There are two type of bags: Bags made out of wrapping plastic: Sometimes this bags contain recycled cook island newspaper to make them more sturdy - like the CC Bag for expample - . Please do not let them come in contact with too much water, as this can damage the bag. If you have questions regarding a certain piece, please get in touch with us and we will let you know exactly what it is made out of and if it is splash proof. Bag made out of PVC pool toys: They are splash proof, so your items inside should be protected from rain. But they are not waterproof. You can use them around water but your things will get wet if your bag falls into the water.

Can we pay through PayPal?

Unfortunately PayPal is not available in the Cook Islands - if this will change, we will have this option available.